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The following case studies illustrate the benefit and style of our approach in assisting organizations with their IT systems. In each situation, we assisted them in achieving their desired objectives. As you read each case study, imagine your organization in a similar situation.

Project Management, Overcoming The Hurdles Of Global Collaboration

A global company was experiencing an increasing number of budget overruns and missing initiative deadlines. The client had multiple projects scattered across their locations worldwide and was frustrated with the lack of visibility into what was going on. They were seeking a centralized, real-time, collaboration solution that would tie together the projects from all locations. In addition, they wanted the solution to be easy to use and deploy throughout the company.

We began by working with them to assess their needs and determine their solution criteria. We worked with the client to evaluate different products that met their needs. By researching the products available on the market, we were able to identify several solutions that met the criteria required. Together we evaluated the products, and determined the solution that was the best fit.

In the end, we designed and implemented a centralized project management system that exceeded their requirements. The solution was easily deployed world wide with access from any web browser. The users required little to no training as the product had a familiar Microsoft Project look and feel. This resulted in an immediate increase of project efficiency greater than 15% world wide.

Experts Taking Ownership Of System Problems

The computer network of an entrance control system manufacture was unable to support the needs of the company. Their systems were plagued with many problems, which resulted in inconsistent access to email, print, Internet, and remote access. They wanted an IT Partner that would take responsibility of their system and eliminate downtime as well as provide on-going support.

We worked with the client to develop a plan to stabilize their network. By pinpointing all the critical issues we were able to quickly resolve the problems that were affecting their productivity. To ensure that the problems didn’t resurface, we designed a managed services program that fit their support and maintenance needs.

Today we are responsible for the management and on-going support of their systems. Now, their system runs smoothly and efficiently with little to no computer problems and downtime.

Mergers and Acquisitions, Maintaining Service Levels During Consolidation

A world leader in hands-free communication technologies recently merged with one of its competitors while simultaneously acquiring another. Because each company had its own product returns department there was a lot of confusion for the customers and many in-efficiencies within the company. They wanted to consolidate the departments into a single location at the headquarters. It was important to move the departments a little at a time to the headquarters while still providing employees with full access from either location. Each company had its own database system, and because of their short timeline a merging of the databases wasn’t possible. Additionally, they could not afford to bring the systems offline for more than a few hours per week.

We began by identifying the components of each department and the computer infrastructure that supported them. It was apparent that because of the diversity of the technologies at each location and that it would be difficult to coordinate the relocation of employees over a short time that the best solution would be to provide remote access to each of the different database systems. This allowed the flexibility for employees to move to the headquarters and still have access to their old database. After all the employees were relocated we were able to help them merge the databases.

In the end, we designed and implemented a system that met their needs. We helped them interconnect the offices and provide database access from any location. The result was that they moved the departments over time, and maintained employee productivity during the departmental consolidation. Because of this, they were able to uphold their customer service levels and experience no downtime.

Solving Any Desktop Computer Problem In 15 Minutes Or Less

A leading telecommunications company was struggling to support their desktop computer systems. Many computers had different hardware and software making support costs unmanageable. It was difficult for their IT staff to troubleshoot problems because of they were dealing with new problems at each computer. It oftentimes took over one week for them to resolve a single computer problem.

We began by working with them to determine the bottom-line financial impact the workstation problems were causing to the company. We determined that the problems and downtime were causing significant productivity loss, and effectively hindering the success of company initiatives. We developed and implemented a standard for the hardware, software, and configuration. With the system standardized, we then implemented an “imaging” solution coupled with roaming profiles that would allow for extremely quick restores of the desktops.

We designed and implemented a desktop automation system that solved any computer problem in less than 15 minutes. This resulted in a company wide productivity increase of over 17%, and cut their desktop support costs by more than 50%.

Outsourced IT Department

An insurance provider did not have an IT staff to support or maintain their servers, desktop computers, and networking equipment. Their employees were frustrated because their computers were slow, unreliable, and plagued with problems. They felt that their computer systems were a bottleneck to their productivity. Management needed an IT partner to address their computer issues and implement a system that would be beneficial to their business.

Because of their size and support requirements, a full-time IT staff did not make sense. They hired One82 to develop a maintenance and support program that would fit their specific needs. We began by taking an in-depth look at their business and how technology fits into their daily operations. We were able to deliver a maintenance and support program that met their needs at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

Today, One82 manages, maintains, and supports every aspect of their IT system. Their employees are productive and no longer feel frustrated about their computers. The result is a smooth running productive environment that is no longer a bottle-neck to their business.

Network Migration, Moving From A Legacy System

A world leader in hands-free communication technologies had a poor performing network infrastructure. They were running on a legacy system that was plagued with problems causing a lot of downtime. In addition, the system didn’t support the software solutions they needed to implement in the near future. They were overwhelmed because they could not afford any downtime that would be required to migrate to a new system. They feared they didn’t have the expertise needed to migrate themselves without any data loss and/or data corruption.

We began by helping the client identify and document the applications and services that the legacy system provided. We worked with them to develop a technology plan that addressed their short and long term goals. We determined that an industry standard system would be the most conducive to their needs, and offer the best degree of compatibility.

In the end we designed and implemented a new network system of high performance and maximum compatibility. The migration was carried out without any downtime or data loss what so ever. The implementation was so effective that the users only knew something was happening because everything seemed faster; the migration was completely seamless. The result was an immediate boost of productivity as well as a network platform that would support the software solutions they needed in the future.

Providing Solid Solutions and an Affordable Price

A small law office was struggling to keep their network system running consistently. They were frustrated because they felt that they could only afford “band aids” to their computer problems. The client wanted an expert to provide them with a solid, long-term solution to their issues but couldn’t find a resource they could afford.

We began by performing an assessment of their business and computer systems. Then we developed a long-term strategy and timeline to solve their computer issues. Over time we were able to address every issue while never exceeding the client’s budget.

In the end we were able to fix all of their issues. They have regained control of their productivity and no longer feel frustrated about their computers. Today they continue to feel secure because they have an IT partner who takes care of their needs.

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