Best-in-Class Cybersecurity Training California

Train your employees in the latest cybersecurity practices to help avoid falling prey to cyber threats in everyday life.

Make Employees Aware

By ensuring that your employees are up-to-date with current cybersecurity practices, you can reduce the risk posed by cyber-attacks by 70 percent!

One82 delivers cybersecurity programs that help employees make better security decisions at all times. Through analytics and regular progress monitoring, equip your staff with the knowledge to safeguard the company from intricate and formidable cyber threats.

Make Employees Aware

Cybersecurity Training to Mitigate Risk

Comprehensive cybersecurity training modules can prepare organizations for the long run by having employees implement tried and tested actions for IT security crises.

One82 helps businesses adopt modern cybersecurity practices rather than get stuck on traditional ones (which don’t work in today’s world). The training process consists of four key steps:



We conduct an initial test to determine your employees’ security preparedness in a cyber-attack situation.



After setting a base level, we implement the training program to endow your team with the latest cybersecurity knowledge.



Conducting simulated phishing and social engineering attacks is the best way to gauge the cybersecurity learning level of your team.



The CISO will be able to improve the cybersecurity levels of employees with recommendations based on the simulation analysis.

Why is Cybersecurity Training Necessary?

Malicious actors are getting smarter – you cannot deny this fact. If that is the case, you need to up your security game since that is the only option capable of saving your organization from irreparable damages.

Employees may not be able to spot most of the modern cyber threats since they may seem to come from a trusted source. This is where One82’s cybersecurity training California comes into focus.

Our cybersecurity awareness training modules are industry-relevant and groundbreaking. They cover every security practice regarding malware, social engineering, phishing, ransomware, and many more cyber threats. Awareness and practice for every type of cyber threat help keep employees prepared to deal with any malicious attempt to steal business or customer data and resources.

One82’s Cybersecurity Training Components

Training Levels

The training material access is divided into multiple levels based on the employee’s knowledge about cybersecurity practices to grant a personalized security awareness course for enhanced learning.

Simulated Attacks

Conducting simulations from time to time is crucial to check if employees are actually implementing the knowledge acquired through cybersecurity training in real-world situations. It also helps identify the areas for improvement.

Automated Management and Reporting

Our training modules are designed for ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ security awareness campaigns. They provide an excellent option for routine training for existing staff and onboarding training for new employees. Accurate reporting helps the CISO keep tabs on the progress of each employee.

Why Choose One82?

Our programs for cybersecurity training California are built for excellence. Here are a few answers to how.

Performance metrics-min

Performance metrics

Get precise and detailed reports of the training program.

Track effectiveness-min

Track effectiveness

Providing you data to measure the change in the efficacy of updated security actions.

Security insights-min

Security insights

Proactively protect your company from attacks using our cybersecurity acumen.

Real risk reduction & ROI-min

Real risk reduction & ROI

Don’t just take our word. See the results for your firm with your own eyes.

What are you waiting for? Train your employees in the best cybersecurity practices today!

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