Robust Disaster Recovery Services in California

Safeguard your business-critical data with cutting-edge backup and recovery solutions for physical and virtual systems

Prevent Interruptions and Downtime

Businesses cannot afford to suffer from a loss in operational efficiency due to the failure of systems. It’s essential to make your data, applications, and the entire IT infrastructure resilient to abrupt interruptions due to various factors.

One82’s disaster recovery services provide businesses with the necessary tools to protect their data and their customers’ data, no matter where it’s situated. We ensure the constant availability of your data for high levels of organizational efficiency.

Why Opt for Disaster Recovery Services?

The number of factors responsible for data loss is on the rise. Be it an employee error or a cyber-attack, the chance that your organization may lose access to precious and confidential data is high. Disaster recovery (DR) plans help you prepare for those worst-case scenarios.

Building redundancies and replicating vital systems enable companies to access

Immediate Failover


Always have an updated copy that can be used for backup in emergencies

Rapid Recovery


Recuperate from mishaps within minutes to prevent data and financial loss

Continuous Testing


Have non-disruptive, routine DR tests done to see the success of disaster recovery mechanisms

Near-zero Downtime


With constant backup options in place, witness a smooth workflow without disturbances

Elements of Our Disaster Recovery Services California

One82 is the leader in the industry when it comes to disaster recovery infrastructure for small and medium businesses (SMBs). We ensure that your RTO (Recovery Point Objective) and RPO (Recovery Time Objective) are appropriately set for every type of workload.

Our services for businesses include

Goal-oriented DR Solutions

Our disaster recovery services help achieve implementation objectives every time. They are as good in real-world applications as they are on paper.

Contemporary Solutions

Move away from traditional backup systems such as physical failover sites and adopt modern disaster recovery options to eliminate obsolete technology.

Tried and Tested

We regularly test our disaster backup technology to ensure that they are offering peak performance and properly backing up the complete data.

Secure and Compliant

Our team of IT specialists constantly monitors the configuration and maintenance of disaster recovery systems to keep your organization regulatory compliant with standards like PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, etc., while keeping it ultra-secure.

Why Choose One82?

There are numerous firms offering disaster recovery services. So, it’s only natural that you know what sets us apart.

Industry Expertise


We start from your IT infrastructure assessment, identifying key metrics to help decide on the most appropriate disaster recovery architecture. We then implement the DR solutions and ensure that you have quality assistance available for every situation.

Proven Methodologies


Automated and virtual disaster recovery options eliminate unused assets and help save considerable company budget by transitioning to a virtual failover system offering 24-7 availability.

Comprehensive Suite of Services

Scalable and Flexible

Have your disaster backup and recovery requirements gone up due to business expansion? Not to worry! Our DR solutions are scalable as per business needs and can adapt to any form of backup specifications.

Leverage the power of the finest disaster recovery services California and say goodbye to your worries.

Curious About One82?

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