Cyber Security Notifications

Let us manage your cyber security

Malicious actors are attempting to sabotage your business every second using the most advanced cyber threats like malware, ransomware, viruses, phishing attacks, and many more. To proactively protect your organization and IT network from such dangers, One82 provides exceptional managed cyber security services California tailored to your requirements.

We’ll Alert You of New Threats That Could Damage Your Business

We understand the struggles that come with keeping your network, your data, and your business safe – which is why we’ve created a free email alert system that will notify you of new threats that could damage your business. We’ll separate fact from fiction while giving you recommendations and guidance.

As a renowned cybersecurity consulting California firm, we ensure that no cyber threat touches your business network. We identify the threat and eliminate it before it causes any damage.


We’ll update you on dangerous new malware trends you should be on the lookout for

Application Vulnerabilities

Receive alerts regarding application vulnerabilities and advice on how to mitigate the risk


Stay informed on new scams that are getting harder to spot and becoming more believable every day

Security Patches

Get notified of software or operating-system patches intended to correct vulnerabilities

Trusted Managed Cyber Security Services California

With over two decades of industry experience in cyber security consulting California, One82 strives to make your business as secure as possible. Our cyber security specialists implement the most sophisticated modern security practices and technologies to turn your business into a fortress, keeping bad actors at bay.

Curious About One82?

We would love to reach out to you and introduce ourselves

Curious About One82?

We would love to reach out to you and introduce ourselves