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Most business owners believe they are already protected by arming themselves with a firewall, anti-virus, backup system, cyber security insurance, and a competent IT team. But hackers are now organized, and attacks are more sophisticated
. Business leaders are responding to this threat with a multi-layered security approach. By focusing on security, they protect their clients, staff, and revenue, while positioning themselves ahead of their competition. Security attacks like ransomware require constant vigilance, without distracting from your normal business activities.

Doesn't my existing IT service include security?


Managed IT Service


Managed Security & Response

Your existing IT staff is probably juggling several priorities, and hopefully one of those is your security. The current security landscape requires a focused approach that the vast majority of IT organizations can't accomplish because they don't have the expertise, time, or tools. What you need is a dedicated team, that has a multi-layered approach, and has no other priorities competing for their focus.


Managed Security & Response includes a dedicated team that only works on your security 24x7x365. The One82 Managed Security & Response service is entirely focused on protecting your business. We have dedicated certified security experts to watch your systems around the clock and intervene when problems occur.



Experts agree on multi-layer security model

Managed Security & Response is based on the NIST Cyber Security Framework, and includes the ability to assess the extent of the damage in the event of a breach.

Prevent Attacks with a Multi-Layered Security Ecosystem


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Automated detection
& response


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Build and maintain a
culture of security



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24x7 oversight by a certified
security expert


Get the Security You Need for a Changing World

Our 3-pronged approach employs the best systems to identify, detect and respond to threats. We educate your users to minimize the chance of human error, which is the biggest contributor to a breach. And we have dedicated certified security experts to watch your systems around the clock and intervene when problems occur.

Cyber Threat Protection In Action


Training employees to minimize risk
of cyber attacks


Securing a modern workspace with intelligent monitoring and automation


Making the switch to a remote workforce while maintaining security

60% of cyber attacks occur at small and medium sized businesses 


Drive-by attack SQL injection Cross-site scripting (XXS)

Denial-of-service (DoS) Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

Trojan horse Password attack Man-in-the-middle attack

Eavesdropping Malware attack Phishing and spear phishing

"From the moment I began working with One82, they have consistently exceeded my expectations. Where most service companies are quick to draw the boundaries of responsibility, One82 takes ownership of our success relentlessly.On many occasions One82 has gone beyond the call of duty to insure the success of our projects. I would describe them as people of high integrity, extreme dedication, with a positive attitude, and most of all they are dedicated to their client’s success."
- Billy Dixon, CIO
Silver Lake
"I recommend One82 highly as a first class IT services company able to tailor solutions to individual needs, understand diverse customer requirements, and leverage any company's assets to create a dependable and productive environment."
- Gary Cauble, President and CEO
Gunnebo Omega, Inc.
"Farzon is a very hands on leader who is incredibly dedicated to providing outstanding customer service. He is also an extremely gifted information system technologist, who successfully tackles the most complex challenges. In a crisis, Farzon and his team literally work around the clock to do whatever it takes to get the system back up and running, and then go the extra mile to put in place a “fix” to guard against the crisis reoccurring."
- E. Alexander Glover, President & CEO
Hello Direct, Inc
"I highly recommend One82. I’ve used them for all of my IT outsourcing since January 2003. They are professional, reliable, and have addressed all my needs beyond my expectations."
- Amy Stavis, President/Owner
Law Offices of Amy Stavis
"With every new implementation that they perform, a member of the One82 staff holds training sessions to make sure all of our people are able to utilize the new technology. It was this seamless implementation that allowed our business to keep running without loss of productivity."
- Sharad Patel
Interamark, LLC
"One82 provided the following services on an ongoing basis: network administration, desktop support, systems analysis, and emergency technical support, providing 7 X 24 hour network support. They consistently provided a very high level of service for our company and proved to be dependable and committed to providing excellent service."
- Dick White, Director of IT
GN Netcom

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