You are currently viewing Merits of Managed IT Cloud Services for Accounting Firms

Merits of Managed IT Cloud Services for Accounting Firms

Merits of Managed IT Cloud Services for Accounting Firms

Merits of Managed IT Cloud Services for Accounting Firms

Gone are the days of using desktop applications and lengthy, nearly unreadable documents and spreadsheets for accounting purposes. It is the age of cloud-based accounting and it is here to stay.

Cloud computing has become part of our daily lives, but many accounting businesses are still clinging to the old methods. This hinders business growth and makes you the foundation for up-to-date accounting firms to step upon and move ahead.

Moreover, even if you employ cloud services for your company, your team may find it difficult to handle it all.

The How

So, how to make cloud accounting happen without compromising on efficiency? The answer is managed IT cloud services.

Outsourcing your cloud accounting needs can prove to be the stimulus your business needs for a breakout. A team of specialists can help your financial experts handle customer data effectively.

The Why

An obvious question is why managed IT cloud services? A managed IT firm helps optimize the cloud infrastructure in the following areas:

  • Anywhere access – Cloud services were built for this very purpose. As an accounting firm, you can access your clients’ accounts and financial details from anywhere, anytime. Cloud computing eliminates the limits a physical office sets on your business.
  • Enterprise-grade security – Company offices and their networks are prone to cyber-attacks or internal IT threats. This can prove disastrous as it is a question of your and your clients’ money. With cloud services, you get multiple levels of security and encryption, keeping your data safe from people with nefarious intent.
  • Automated update and backup – Data stored on the cloud is backup up automatically and can be retrieved anytime in case of a system or network failure. In addition, the cloud infrastructure is continuously upgraded to ease business operations and enhance efficiency.
  • Effortless collaboration – One of the major benefits of cloud services is the ability of multiple users to work on a single document simultaneously. Accountants don’t have to send a file to and fro between many departments and they can get done more in less time.
  • Cost-effective – Tangible IT infrastructure requires space and quite a bit of money. Cloud architecture, together with the added advantage of being offered by a managed IT service provider, saves businesses on precious capital, especially small businesses. They can then use the savings to develop and implement strategies for business expansion.

The Who

It’s all well and good to know that large amounts of paperwork can be reduced using managed cloud services. But which is the one company that can offer your accounting business the greatest benefits and help you manage your finances with peak optimization?

One82 is a Managed IT Service Provider that helps small businesses realize their objectives by providing 360-degree IT support. Our team of experts becomes part of your organization to manage your daily IT activities effectively. With mature and reliable cybersecurity and cloud solutions, we take our client’s IT architecture to the next level.

We have only one objective in mind – to make seamless organizational workflow possible for our clients. Contact us today to upgrade your business.

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