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Empower your business with expert consulting for the Microsoft Office 365 suite.

Choose the Optimal Microsoft Office 365 Plan

Microsoft Office 365 helps businesses accomplish greater productivity but only when it is correctly integrated with business operations. With many subscription models available for organizations, it’s easy to be lost among the options with no clarity about your selection.

One82 is a Microsoft-certified partner that helps small and medium businesses (SMBs) pick just the right subscription plan based on the organizational needs with the help of our industry experience and tailored IT consulting for Microsoft Office 365 support services.

Why Microsoft Office 365 is Right for Your Business?

Microsoft Office 365 is the most widely adopted cloud-based business productivity suite of tools. If that is the case, there must be reasons that make it so. Here are a few of them that will benefit your business:

Remote Access

Remote Access-min

Office 365 offers an excellent option for employees to access business files and data from anywhere for a seamless workflow.

Secure Storage

Secure Storage-min

Office 365 comes with cutting-edge security measures like two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access.

Streamlined Collaboration

Streamlined Collaboration-min

Microsoft’s suite of tools lets multiple users edit and share data in real-time with the co-authoring feature.

Predictable Pricing

Predictable Pricing-min

The subscription cost for Office 365 varies depending on the level of functionality you want for your business. We help you choose the plan that fulfills your business needs so that there are no surprise costs.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity-min

The cloud-based Office 365 solutions let your business operate as usual even in times of disasters. Exceptional backup and recovery features make it the best pick for office productivity.

Unfailing Microsoft Office 365 Support Services

As part of our all-encompassing Office 365 support, One82 assists organizations in the following areas:


Transitioning to the Office 365 software can be a daunting task if your company uses another IT productivity solution. One82’s Microsoft Office 365 specialists provide proper guidance to help make the migration of business processes smooth and hassle-free.


Our team will help set up the Office 365 suite for your company and make your team familiar with how it works. This will allow your workforce to churn out results quicker with the modern IT collaboration solution.


Leveraging the full power of Office 365 requires training delivered by professionals that have years of experience with the productivity suite of tools in their CV. Our team of IT masters makes sure that your team is prepared to utilize Office 365 to its maximum potential.

24-7 Support

We do not help you make the change to Office 365 and think our work is done. You’ll have our constant support in terms of budgeting options, technical issues, and data backup to ensure that your business operates glitch-free.

The One82 Advantage

One82 offers the best-in-class benefits for businesses by shifting IT productivity operations to the secure cloud-based Office 365 platform through its innovative Microsoft Office 365 support services.

  • We have worked in demanding environments and apply the same expertise to your business.
  • We enable quick adaptation to changes in the IT working environment to keep your organization flexible.
  • We offer quality services through our Microsoft-certified team of IT professionals.

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