You are currently viewing Organizational Security Posture Reinforced Through Managed Cybersecurity Services

Organizational Security Posture Reinforced Through Managed Cybersecurity Services

Organizational Security Posture Reinforced Through Managed Cybersecurity Services


Let’s take an example of a chain. It is only as strong as its weakest link. The same applies to a company’s cybersecurity. The moment nasty cyber criminals spot a vulnerability in your IT infrastructure, it is immediately exploited to weaken the business significantly.

So, what is the best approach to prevent that?

A firm that offers managed cybersecurity can be your business’s guardian. Let us see the ways they make that happen.

Cybersecurity for small businesses

According to statistics, more than 40% of all cyber-attacks target small businesses. The majority of them have no idea how to defend against complex attacks and end up closing shop or losing a sizable portion of their hard-earned money.

Managed cybersecurity services can prevent that from happening. Described below are the top benefits of outsourced cybersecurity solutions:

  • Ultra-modern security – Emerging organizations opt for the basic level of IT security for their business. However, it is mostly ineffective against the most advanced cyber-attacks. Managed service providers (MSPs) ensure that their clients and their data is protected by the latest security technologies.
  • Light on the pocket – High-end security often requires a significant investment. But small businesses find that such solutions are out of their budget. Managed service providers facilitate the process of small businesses achieving advanced security posture through modern security tools available at reasonable prices.
  • Disruption-free workflow – When your IT framework suffers from none to negligible disruptions, business continuity is maintained, and employee productivity is boosted. MSPs make higher uptime possible through proactive security measures.
  • Prevent customer dissatisfaction – All businesses ultimately work for their customers. What happens if their data leaks in a cyber-attack? Your company reputation tanks, and you suddenly face a mountain of financial losses. MSPs help keep your customers happy by keeping their data secure.

Areas of focus

Cybersecurity by MSPs cover the following vital domains:

  1. Malware protection – Experts are always prepared to thwart malware attacks attempting to steal confidential business data. They also advise customers on ways to protect their data.
  2. Vulnerability monitoring – A team monitors your IT network 24-7 to eliminate any security loopholes to establish total protection.
  3. Security updates – Cyber threats are evolving every day. MSPs regularly update your IT security to make sure that your business data remains safe.

One82 is a Managed IT Service Provider that helps small businesses realize their objectives by providing 360-degree IT support. Our team of experts becomes part of your organization to manage your daily IT activities effectively. With mature and reliable cybersecurity and cloud solutions, we take our client’s IT architecture to the next level.

We have only one objective in mind – to make seamless organizational workflow possible for our clients. Contact us today to upgrade your business.

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