You are currently viewing What To Do After a Data Breach and How to Prevent It

What To Do After a Data Breach and How to Prevent It

What To Do After a Data Breach and How to Prevent It

What To Do After a Data Breach and How to Prevent It

With the oncoming saturation in the start-up culture, it’s possible that a data breach might hamper your business’s growth rate. Prevent the loss of business due to data breach early on, let the experts handle the most critical instances of business operation, and get you out of the troubles of data breach and theft unscathed.

Steps to Manage Data Breaches

What steps can you undertake to ensure that business remains intact in the hours of need? We have compiled a list of the most prominent measures you can implement to help your business in the hour of need.

  • Try to locate the source and the extent of the damage done

The first thing to do after a breach is to assess the situation calmly and try to identify the source of the violation and determine how much of your confidential data has been breached. It might also be a good time to mention the business activities the data taken away would impact. If you have been cautious from the get-go, you might have Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems in place. These systems can help log breach activities and help you review them in the future to help security patches.

  • Address the Breach

A team of IT professionals should be trained to tackle such calamities; if you have an IPS system in place, it’s possible it might proactively address the breach. Make sure to save a disk image or copy of the affected servers during the violation to further aid in legal battles.

  • Test Your Security Fix

Your team of professionals may come up with a makeshift short-term security patch. Test these patches thoroughly until they can withhold the breach. Similar measures should be taken with long-term patches to help with the security of your business.

  • Inform Authorities and all affected Customers

Once you have a fix in lace, make sure that it works, and if it does, then your next step should be to inform the Authorities as soon as possible. The authorities would help by informing you about your industry’s post-breach regulatory standards. Reach out to customers and give them a head up of the necessary measure they would need to undertake to protect their identities or financial information, such as credit card numbers. This might be a critical job to handle. Still, if managed effectively, it can promote goodwill for your business in the long run.

  • Prepare for post-Breach Clean-up and Damage.

Once the initial breach has been handled effectively, it’s time for you to take care of the loss of goodwill and customer trust. Make sure to invest in branding and promotions after that and help the affected customers in the best way possible.


A detailed analysis of the loss due to the breach and steps to be taken to prevent it in the future shall be drawn at this point. To avoid such threats by regular security analysis, prepare contingency plans with specialized roles for all employees, and undertake recovery services and security protocols for cloud-based data. Prominent IT service providers such as One82 can help you in the hours of need; let us handle your business’s prime security needs.

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