Does This Describe You And Your Small Business?

We work with owners, presidents, or other persons otherwise held accountable for the bottom line performance of their company. If you feel frustrated because you focus too much time on your IT problems, that no matter how much money you throw at your IT system they always fall short of your expectations, you find yourself understaffed, or without the proper expertise to complete your IT initiatives, we can help you achieve the measurable results you are looking for.

We work with professionals who choose to focus time on exceeding the needs of their customers, believe in managing their business proactively rather than reactively, and have a low tolerance for business interruption and risk. Whether you are trying to create order out of chaos or take something that is good and make it better, we help you improve your bottom line results.

Our most successful clients believe in being proactive. Many of our clients were already champions in their respective industries when we were asked to help them. But they realized, like all successful companies do, that you don't stay on top by sitting still, you must always be looking for ways to improve productivity and profitability in your company.

Here Are Some Of The Companies That Have Put Their Trust In Us

  • Stanford Hospital & Clinics
  • Wells Fargo Bank
  • Silver Lake Partners
  • Netscape
  • Hello Direct / GN Netcom
  • Jabra
  • William D. Witter, Inc.
  • Ultratech
  • Neoforma
  • Adaptec


Are You Facing These Challenges?

Do you feel that your IT firm or consultant is being rewarded when you have system problems?

Are you paying by the hour for your IT support? No guarantees? Does it seem that your IT costs are rising out of control? Are you finding that the unpredictable spending is making it impossible to create an accurate budget?

Is your system plagued with problems that never seem to get resolved?

Does it seem that you are constantly dealing with problems rather than implementing enhancements? Do you spend most of your time trying to get things to work? Does it seem that every time you have resolved one issue, there is another that follows not far behind?

Are last minute IT emergencies having a negative impact on your bottom line?

Are you unable to keep your focus on your business? Do you find yourself missing deadlines? Are you tired of working on computer issues rather than focusing on business initiatives? Do you spend most of your time “fire-fighting” computer issues and feel that there must be a better way?

Is productivity and profits suffering?

Have you failed to meet the needs of customers because of problems with your systems? Is it taking longer than expected to achieve your goals? Are the costs of your systems overshadowing the benefits that they provide?

Do your employees find it hard to do their jobs?

Are your employees missing deadlines because of computer problems? Are customer service levels not being fulfilled? Are employees frustrated and unhappy?

Are your IT systems impeding your business goals?

Do you feel that IT support fails to understand how IT ties into the big picture of business? Do your productivity tools seem overly complicated and difficult to understand?

Are you unable to implement new technology to improve your business?

Do you find that IT projects don’t get completed or even started due to inexperienced personnel? Would you like your staff to move onto other things rather than getting bogged down on initiatives in which they have no expertise in?

Do you have insufficient resources to ensure that your IT systems continue to meet the demands of your business?

Do you find that certain areas of your computer systems are neglected due to lack of staff? Are you sure there is nothing being neglected that could be costly to fix in the long run?

Do you feel insecure about your systems?

Were you hit by the last big virus or other security vulnerability? Have you lost files and weren’t able to recover them? Are you sure your information is safe?

Do you feel there has been a lack of strategy with your IT systems?

Has there been poor planning, or no planning at all? Has there been any assurance that your objectives are identified and performed?

Are your IT support people poor at communicating to you and your partners?

Do they provide you the information you need to make good decisions? Do they understand your business? Do you feel like there should be more documentation and training?

Have your system additions and upgrades lacked appropriate risk mitigation?

Do you feel that your initiatives are carried out with improper consideration of your business risk? Was there a lack of contingency planning? Was there a poor execution of contingencies?

If you said "yes" to any of the questions above, One82 can help you with your challenge.

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