You are currently viewing Why Hackers are Finding it Easy to Break into Systems and Networks?

Why Hackers are Finding it Easy to Break into Systems and Networks?

Why Hackers are Finding it Easy to Break into Systems and Networks?


With world leaders considering cyber threats as one of the major detrimental factors of a nation’s growth, it’s high time for businesses to pay particular focus to their cybersecurity posture. Otherwise, a hacker is always waiting to pounce on the next security vulnerability.

However, considering the rate at which technology is advancing and the security technologies that are already available in the market, why is it that businesses are still seeing a large number of cyber-attacks every day, with 2.8 billion malware attacks just in the first half of 2022?

The Reason

Security vulnerabilities. It is the sole reason behind the massive number of cyber-attacks that hit small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). A security vulnerability is a weak link in a business’s security posture that hackers can exploit and execute a cyber-attack of small to large proportions.

Vulnerabilities can be of two types – internal (those present in the company) and external (devices or platforms used by the company). What’s needed is a comprehensive security approach to address even the minutest issue.

Types of Vulnerabilities and the Risks

In this section, we’ll see the various types of IT security vulnerabilities that cybercriminals can exploit to gain access to your network and inflict significant damage.

#1 – Improperly Configured Firewalls

A firewall is the first line of defense against malicious third-party entities. Firewalls built for businesses with proper configuration can prevent continuous cyber-attacks from being successful. In the 2019 Capital One breach, a misconfigured firewall was the root cause for the breach in data integrity.

#2 – USB Drives

Although mostly obsolete in the current times of cloud technology, USB flash drives are a common source of nasty viruses and malware that auto-install once the flash drive is plugged into the system. If you spot a flash drive connected to a workstation, remove it immediately after checking if it was not plugged in intentionally by someone.

#3 – Poorly Protected Mobile Devices

Mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops are used regularly in organizations, whether on-site or remote. However, when they are connected to the business network, it makes them a target of theft. Cybercriminals can have the devices physically stolen, giving them access to sensitive data. They may also use look-alike apps to trick the users into divulging private information.

#4 – Outdated Wi-Fi Configuration

A business’s operations depend on reliable Wi-Fi connectivity in the internet age. However, the Wi-Fi network’s settings must be updated from time to time to deter cybercriminals and prevent it from becoming a security vulnerability. The SSID and network password should be changed from the default settings with a strong password, and WPA2 encryption applied.

#5 – Single-factor Authentication

This method is commonly used in banking transactions and social media platforms. However, using the same system for your business would be unwise. If a cybercriminal has compromised your password, your data is at risk. Multi-factor authentication can prevent data breaches even if cybercriminals have their hands on one of the security methods.


There are many more network vulnerabilities other than the primary ones mentioned here that can become a liability for your firm. However, a resilient cybersecurity posture can help you stay ahead of cyber threats.

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