You will not find better service for the price

The thing that I appreciate the most is the level of experience of the techs. I never feel like I know more about something than any person I work with at One82. They are able to quickly access all of our computers and systems to support us, and they make it easy. You will not find better service for the price.

Michelle C.

One82 is a champion of the customer

The single largest benefit I've experienced with One82 is control. One82 does a great job providing a controlled work environment to protect the company from Cybersecurity threats and downtime. Their professionalism is top-notch, too. They are very friendly and professional, while also maintaining our company's best interest. Also, One82 is responsive and quick to tackle any issue. One82 is a champion of the customer/firm, and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Robbie M.

Our partner for over 15 years

One82 has been our dedicated IT provider for over 15 years. The team is super knowledgeable and keeps up with new technology to help our business keep its competitive edge. They are proactive in solving problems that might come up instead of waiting for foreseeable issues to arise.

Erika L.

Their techs treat you like family

One82 is the best IT firm I have ever worked with, and we have been working with them for more than 10 years. They moved us to Microsoft 365 Cloud and made our work so much easier. I always feel confident that my issues will be resolved in a timely manner. Each technician devotes more personal attention to my issues than any IT I have ever worked with in the past. Their Techs treat you like Family. There isn’t another IT Company out there that will take care of you in the same way One82 does.

Tricia M.

One82 is simply amazing!

One82 is simply amazing!  Our working relationship is a beautiful mix of friendliness, professionalism, and expertise coupled with the confidence that my problem will be resolved quickly. Their entire staff has always been extremely patient and gracious with working with me and my team. Beyond the routine running of my business, One82 is also concerned about our future whether it be hardware, software, cloud options, or cybersecurity concerns. It is deeply reassuring to know that they are vigilant regarding our safety. Honestly, I couldn’t be happier to be taken care of by One82 and recommend them wholeheartedly.

Kathy W.

Excellent performance, attitudes, abilities, and fast response

We used to have an in-house IT team, but our business needs changed, and we decided to outsource our IT and Cybersecurity to One82. It has been nearly a year now and I can confidently say It was one of the best decisions we ever made. One82 is a professional and trustworthy IT partner that delivers high-quality results. They have a great team of experts who are friendly, have excellent attitudes and skills, and have very fast response. If you are on the fence about who you should choose, I highly recommend One82.

Zoya S.

They know their stuff when it comes to cybersecurity

I have had the pleasure of working with Farzon and his team for the last couple of years. Not only do they provide great IT support but they know their stuff when it comes to cybersecurity.

Roger W.

Expertise that greatly benefited our operations

I must say that their services were quite impressive. Farzon's expertise and knowledge has greatly benefited our operations. Their team's dedication and quick response to technical issues were commendable. Overall, a reliable IT partner for any business.

Chad R.