Your business's reliance on IT systems is undeniable. We’re confident that we are the only Managed IT & Cybersecurity business in California Bay Area that provides these benefits to your business.

Here's why you can rely on us to ensure your business stays operational and thriving:

Lightning-Fast response times.

For over 25 years, we've excelled in providing the fastest response times in the industry. On average, our clients are in direct contact with a technician in just 2.5 minutes. We understand the value of your time and are fully committed to promptly resolving your computer problems.

Experts in YOUR market.

We possess extensive experience in your industry, intimately familiar with the key line of business applications, workflows, and peak seasons. Our team members are experts in supporting CCH, Lacerte, QuickBooks, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, and a plethora of other financial & B2B applications. Not in the financial services industry? We have clients in other industries such as legal, energy, entertainment, construction, and many more. Rest assured that if we're not already experts in your specific applications, we're swift in acquiring the necessary expertise to meet your needs.

Easy to work with.

We pride ourselves on creating seamless partnerships by eliminating technical jargon and communicating in plain language. Our team combines technical excellence with a friendly, approachable demeanor, creating a harmonious blend of professionalism and warmth. We make technology accessible and manageable, ensuring a collaborative and hassle-free journey in IT and cybersecurity.

Champions of our clients.

We put our clients first. This means going the extra mile to understand your unique needs, challenges, and aspirations. We proactively seek out innovative solutions to safeguard your digital assets and provide peace of mind. Our dedicated team of experts is your unwavering ally, always working in your best interests to secure your digital future.

Security first and cloud focused.

We embrace a 'Security First and Cloud Focused' approach, perfect for those who prioritize the cloud. Our commitment to cloud-centric solutions allows your data and operations to harness the power of the cloud while maintaining the highest levels of security. We're here to transform your IT experience with the cloud-centric solutions you've been seeking.

A true strategic partner.

We act as your trusted IT advisor and mentor, providing visionary leadership, strategic direction, and expert guidance. We coach your team, develop your IT systems, and foster a culture of IT excellence and innovation. We work with you to understand your business objectives, challenges, and opportunities, designing a customized IT roadmap that supports your vision and delivers value. We help prioritize your IT initiatives, optimize your IT budget, and measure your IT performance.

Dedicated cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity isn't just something we install; it's a framework, practice, workflow, accountability, and strong oversight. One82 provides a dedicated team solely focused on cybersecurity, ensuring comprehensive protection for your digital assets.

Born as an MSP.

Unlike others who started as break-fix or project-based IT consulting firms, One82 was founded as a Managed Service Provider from the start. We've been refining our processes for a long time, and our clients benefit from the knowledge that comes with it.

You can rest easy when you put your IT & Cybersecurity needs in our hands. Contact us today for more information.